Insane Asylums in the 19th and 20th Century

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Here we have a picture of some doctors looking at an xray of a human brain. They are looking for the part of the brain that is making the patient “crazy” so they can operate. Lobotomy is a surgery of the brain. It consists of cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the anterior of the brain (Wikipedia). This procedure came with many side effects and was a very dangerous operation to perform. The thought behind this operation was that if you could remove the “crazy” part of the brain, it would make the patient sane.

(Jordyn’s Perspective) I think that this operation is just plain outrageous and disgusting. Call me crazy, but I think that digging in and removing parts of other peoples brain is nasty and very personal. (I think it’s highly personal because) The brain is one of the most important organs in your entire body, without it, our bodies wouldn’t be able to function and we’d all die. Besides, why do you think we have skulls? To protect our brain from exactly this situation. BUT I think that this operation would’ve probably made perfect sense during the time period it was popular. I mean, I probably would’ve agreed that removing the crazy part of the brain to make everyone sane was a brilliant idea. But looking back at it now, in 2014, it sickens me that people were so clueless as to what they were actually doing back then; that they were doing more harm to the patient than good.

(Meghan’s Perspective) Ya these doctors look like they have no clue what they are doing or even looking at. They almost look confused, like, “Hmm so this is a brain?”  Do they even know what part of the brain to take out? What if they take out an important part? Then we got serious problems.I would defiantly not want these people playing around with my brain.

 (Jenny’s perspective Do these doctors even know what part of the brain they are looking for? I think for them to do brain surgery is gross and (like Jordyn said) its seemed like a good idea in that time period but know in 2014 its gross! did they ever think it might make the patient actually crazy?  I mean who would want these guys near their brains? I sure wounldn’t

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