Insane Asylums in the 19th and 20th Century

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Conclusion Questions (Jenny)

by on Feb.24, 2014, under Uncategorized

I started out thinking about my topic, that is was gonna be interesting because there all sorts of questions I was thinking about on my topic. My thinking changed because it was way more interesting than I thought. what i learned about my topic is that women were not treated fairly in insane asylums. The connections i made to other topics is that not everyone got treated as fairly as they should have. My ah-ha moment I had was when I couldn’t think of what to search for to add to our post that we were working on. If i were to go on with the research i would look up what people would do if a women had a baby.

I learned that curating is where you actually have to think about what your writing and also when you put you feelings and emotions in about what your writing and collecting research your not allowed to put you emotions and feelings in to the writing, and you don’t pay as much attention to what your writing. My successes was when actually found something that could go with the topic of our post, my failures were when I didn’t work hard enough and we didn’t finish our posts for the day. If i could do this project over again i would change some of my strategies. I can see this project helping me in future researching projects because i can curate my work and also know what to look for in a website for my my research.

What I learned that technology during this research project is that it can be helpful because you wouldn’t find as much information about one subject in a book but with technology you can. I can see my self using this blog in the future if i have another project involving this subject. What i learned about how i think is that I can process more information than i think. this project changed the way i thing about learning because everyone can learn in any way that in comfortable for them.


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