Insane Asylums in the 19th and 20th Century

conclusion questions (Meghan Hernandez)

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I honestly did not think that patients would not get treated like crud in insane asylums. I thought that they would get amazing treatment because they are crazy/mental. Also I did not think that people would be admitted into asylums for the stupid reasons that they were. My thinking has changed a lot. I know now that people were admitted into  insane asylums for stupid reasons, go treated like crud and were no even crazed. Our topic is kinda related to Women’s rights. It is because women were treated badly in insane asylums and when women did not have rights they got treated so badly I cant even believe it. I literally said AHHA in my head when I read the article on Dr. Rush. I have heard of him in the Yellow Fever book my class read in school. He is a nut job! He likes to bleed people, because apparently it will heal them. I did not know that he had something to do with insane asylums. It doesn’t surprise me that he did have something to do with insane asylums. I don’t like going to doctors, but if he was my doctor, I would rather be sick then go to him. I would wan to research more on why people were admitted. I would want to find out why people would put them in insane asylums, to get rid of them? If they wanted to get rid of them why not kick them out? Or put them some where else.


Curating is more creative than gathering research. Curating is more fun and helps me learn easier than gathering research and putting it into a paragraph. Our successes were getting a lot done in a class period and having a lot of information. Our failures were getting our perspectives on every topic. We might not have our perspective on all the posts. If i redid this project one person would be doing the typing (someone fast) and the other people gathering information. If I ever do a project on insane asylums, this will help me very much. By I will know doctors in insane asylums and the treatments.

I learned that i could make a blog with no trouble at all on the internet. I can see me making another blog. It might come on handy in high school. I learned I am more of a visual learner. It was easier to learn from pictures for me. This project changed my learning from gathering information online to curating it more often. This project was fun and an amazing experience.

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  • Cornelius, Katie

    Haha i remember Dr. Rush! Haha i found nothing on him though 🙁 oh and i was wondering the same thing, did they just put them there to get rid of them or did some people actually care? Oh oh haha guess what did you know that they thought the reason for the people to be insane was because of the moon? haha i thought that was interesting!Well bye!

  • Price, Luke

    This was very interesting lots of info good job.

  • Inloes, Terri

    Are you judging Dr. Rush with your 2014 brain? I think you realized how to collaborate better and perhaps came up with some strategies to research more efficiently next time. Great insights.

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